The Lonely Programmer's Road
Oct 29, 2010

Anyone who’s been involved in a coding environment, knows that it doesn’t take much for one to start feeling alienated.
As such, I tend to wonder around programming forums participating in some form. That is, posting questions, answer or being
part of discussions. I find this a good way to keep up with what the rest of the geek world.

Often I feel like I’m living in my own world and using the same old programming practices I’ve always used (not many).
I find that if you’re involved in the technology sector, in my case, programming and sysadmin, To stay up on top, you must be in touch with the rest. Not only will this make you feel better but it will keep you learning new practices, measuring up,
and probably open a window of opportunities, jobs?

With that in mind, I was thinking of a way to get myself more involved in the open source community. I thought it would help me, and possibly help others. I just can’t think of any bad reason not to do this. Can you?

Usually I find in forums people wanting to participate in the open source community and wanting to contribute
by participating in a project or starting their own. However, I always see the question “What project can I work on?”
People with the willingness to contribute but don’t know where to start or what to do. And I can totally relate the them, as I’ve been
in the same boat.

In my experience, the best project you can be part of is one that you’re closely attached. That is, something that grows out
of your own needs. This will ensure that you put 100% to the project. Hence, satisfying your needs and providing some good
quality code to the community.

Just recently in my current job/team, we realized that it’d be good to have some sort of notification everytime someone
in the team push a commit to github. And there was the opportunity! I started looking around for existing solutions
but didn’t find exactly what I needed, so decided to write my own. As I was writing this tool, i made use of a few other
open source projects; proving everytime that power of community development. By doing this, I was encouraged to be
more involved by reading other people’s code, fixing minor bugs, learning new styles and collaborating but also allowed me to give something back.

For those who are interested, you can checkout the project here

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